We provide three sets of menu from which you can choose. These are:

Menu 1

Full Course Menu29,00€
Half Course Menu25,00€
Basic Course Menu22,00€


Salad pélardons
Mi-cuit foie gras terrine
Cossolette ravioli with dried cepes and Parmesan cheese

Main Course

South West duck breast with honey Cevennes
Carre lamb of Aveyron, our neighbor Jufien basks in the oven and thyme jus
Panache sea with sweet peppers


Chocolate cake, ice cream Bourbon vanilla and Sufis of red fruits and passion fruit
Chocolate Charlotte and Sufis raspberries and passion fruit
The crunchy almond ice cream
The cream brulee brown sugar
Panna cotta with raspberries and white chocolate

Menu 2

Main Menu19,00€
Starter + Main Course or Desert + Main Course15,00€
Main Course Only12,00€

We’re pleased to present to you the “walking meny”. It’s not available on Sundays or public holidays. We recommend choosing 2 starters, two main course and a desert.

We’re a restaurant wine merchant since 1992 and at Le Chandelier we offer over 70 different wines from the Languedoc Roussillon reserve. These amazing wines can be served by glass or by the bottle, both at the wine bar and restaurant. Prices will vary and should be provided upon request.

Menu 3


Salad Candlestick duck breast smokes and our foie gras16,00€
Saint Jacques nuts salad with raspberry vinegar deglaciated16,00€
Calamari salad stoves Balsamic vinegar12,00€


Terrine decourgette has the provencal and Sufis Roma10,00€
Carpaccio with basil and Parmesan bxuf15,00€
Cassollete ravioli with dried porcini and Parmesan cheese13,00€

Main Course

Charolais tartare minute cut with a knife, potato gratin and crisp salad20,00€
Despardon slice a la plancha, tomatoes and herbs16,00€
Panache sea Sweet Pepper18,00€
Southwest Duck breast with honey Cevennes18,00€
Medallion of pork tenderloin, extra dry porcini sauce21,00€
Sautéed prawns outbreaks whiskey and garlic cream17,00€


Cottage cheese and red fruit Sufis5,00€
Crème caramel6,00€
The brown sugar cream brulee8,00€
Charlotte chocolate and raspberry coulis and passion fruit7,00€
Crunchy almond ice cream and coconut sorbet7,00€
Chocolate cake, ice cream Bourbon vanilla and passion fruit11,00€
Panna cotta with raspberries and white chocolate12,00€