We remain fully booked almost throughout the week, especially during weekends. So, try to book a table before hand in order to avoid the hassle of waitint in the queue for hours. You can book a table by calling us or requesting online. If you are lucky, you can get tables when you walk in on the day.

makingreservation_restaurantWhen you call or use our web booking service for booking a table, you need to tell us the number of total guests you are expecting and the time you are going to be at the restaurant.

In case you don’t find a table at your preferred time, let us know. All our bookings have a specific time restriction.

Once the time is over, the table will be again available for booking. So, if you inform us that you couldn’t book a table, if there is any sudden availability, we will call you up and let you know. In order to book a table for people more than 10, you need to make a booking well ahead. When you book a reservation, let us know if you have allergy to certain kind of food, or other special dietary needs.