Le Vigan is a historic city in the south of France. Only people who visit us really understand the beauty of our mountain village. We’re waiting for you!



At Cave Le Chandelier we offer a variety of menus for all tastes. We welcome visitors from all over the world and they absolutely love our cousine.



The Cave Le Chandelier in Le Vigan is a restaurant with over 100 years of history and has served the best dishes in the south of France.


iconCave Le Chandelier Le Vigan is one of the oldest restaurants here. It is a family owned business operating since 1980. After few years it was acquired by a chef. Ever since, the restaurant has continued the tradition of serving authentic French food in a friendly environment.

The restaurant has undergone renovation in the recent years. More dining rooms have been added. The walls have been painted and the entire decoration has been changed with more modern designs. There are artworks lining every wall. We have four dining rooms, each having a different setting. There is the intimate and cozy environment and large rooms for special occasions or group bookings. The restaurant has a wonderful bar.

makingreservation_restaurantWe change the lighting and the background music of the restaurant according to the type of customers. For example, if couples come we provide a dimmed atmosphere by lowering the intensity of light or putting on candles. If there are groups of children then we lit up the rooms so that children don’t get hurt by running around.

A number of good chefs have worked for us. The current chef is extremely trained and has a degree in hospitality. He has participated in different cooking competitions as well, he also participated in creating the EatWithChef project a site with numerous food vacuum sealer reviews. The chef continuously tries to improve the taste of the foods he makes. We bring top grade ingredients from the best suppliers so that the ingredients are fresh. We try to make each of our dishes healthy by limiting the use of oil and other fatty substances.

We train our staffs by hiring hospitality consultants from outside. From greeting customers to serving the dishes hot on the table — we teach them everything. We also teach them how to handle customer complaints politely. We wash the dishes in only the best dishwashers in the world.

This restaurant is a perfect place to have a candle light dinner with your loved one or for a night out with family members or friends.


We’ve be to Le Cave every single time we’ve visited Le Vigan and the food is always amazing. Abel, the owner, comes around the tables constantly to make sure that we’re happy with everything. One of the best places to eat in France. John Lumas, 10-Dec-2014

If you’re serious about trying high quality traditional French cousine, Le Cave is your best choice. That’s all I have to say… AMAZING. Teresa Jones, 4-Mar-2014